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1 How to Make Money Watching Television By Bright E. Esiuke

television Everyone loves to watch TV. Everybody watches TV for entertainment, but no one knows that watching Television can give money as well. There are some methods by which you can earn money by watching.

1. You can create blog or forum about TV shows and other programs. Add reviews and article about television programs. Articles should be keyword rich so more visitors can visit your website by the help of search engine. Add Advertisements on your and are free site to get help for this purpose. Sell DVDs and other stuff. When, someone buys these things by the help of your site, you get paid by online merchants.

2. Post your site on TV show fan site bulletin boards. This would help you to generate more traffic for your site.

3. You can earn more by the help of Google's AdSense.

4. Join the sites about TV shows. Add your reviews and articles there, so that more users can read them. This would give you money.

5. Certain advertising companies may give you the job to check the quality of their ads on TV networks. If you want to earn by watching TV, you can offer your services for such companies. These companies need exact feedback of TV viewers about their ads. This is a really easy way to make money by watching TV.

6. TV stations, producers and national television networks need to know the response and comments of viewers about their shows. You can provide them your services. You can make money by watching TV and their programs, and you can provide reviews about the programs.

7. TV advertising companies give you more money about collecting the information for popular programs. This is an easy way to earn money by watching TV.

8. All business companies and manufacturers want to know about their ads and their quality, rate of popularity of ads, suitable time for ads and duration of ads, so for this reason, they need a constant TV watcher to monitor the quality and feedback for ads. You can earn money by watching TV and providing these reviews to them.

9. Shopping TV channels such as HSN and QVC, give you products at low cost. Buy them and sell them on eBay and other sites with profit and earn money by watching TV.

10. Write comments about TV shows and commercials. Share them at Helium or Associated Content. These sites pay you for your posts to 1.50$. However, it depends upon the page views, written by you. The more your page is visited, more you earn.
These are some easy ways to make money by watching TV. According to a survey, in USA, an average person watches TV for 3-5 hours daily. Now, it depends upon you to make money while watching TV or not.

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0 How to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Network Marketing Business By Dan T Himes Platinum Quality Author

One of the great things about network marketing is that it can really be a family affair. Many, many husbands and wives work together on their network marketing businesses and love it. But what about the kids? Yes, here are a few ways that you can get your kids involved in and invested in your home based business. (and no we're not breaking any child labor laws here)

1. Find out what their goals and dreams are - As the parent you know what your goals and dreams are but find out what it is that your kids really want and make it clear that you are working to make their dreams come true as well.

2. Have them make dinner one night - Once a week let your kids make dinner and use that time that you would have spent cooking working on your business a bit longer. It's a short amount of time but it's an easy way for them to help out.

3. Learn about the internet from them - MLMers pay good money to learn how to market online. But if you have a teenager in your home you could probably be learning for free! Let them teach you what they know about different websites and different ways of marketing. You are sure to learn something.

4. Set family goals - Let your kids in on your goals. It can be something big like going on a long family vacation or something simple like "when I get 2 more sign ups this week we're going to go out and get ice cream" whatever the goal make sure each family member knows what you are working towards and make it something they can get excited about.

5. Give each child a job using their talents - Depending of course on the age of your child you can give each one a little job that helps out the family business. Maybe one of them is good at video editing. So you could shoot some Youtube videos and then let them edit and upload them to youtube. Perhaps you have a writer in the family, have them write a couple good blog posts or marketing articles every month. By giving them each a small job that they are responsible for they will really feel like you all are accomplishing your goals together.

When you're working together as a family and accomplishing your goals as a family it will make your success just that much sweeter!

Thank you for reading! I enjoy working from my computer and would love to share more information with you please take a moment to review my website!
Dan Himes
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0 Should I Put Ads on My Home Business Blog? By Dan T Himes Platinum Quality Author

A lot of bloggers make money with their blogs by placing ads on them. But should you do that if you're trying to promote a home based business blog? I know that a lot of people have very different opinions on this topic and I'm not claiming to be the number one expert on the subject but I say why the heck not?

If you can get paid to blog about your business why wouldn't you do it? Yes, I know ads can be really annoying on certain blogs but I feel that as long as you put the ads in a place where they aren't going to obstruct people from reading your blog content then you might as well do it. Also, it might be a good idea to control the ads that go on your blog. I obviously wouldn't let an ad for a rival home based business go on my business blog but if they are other types of ads that aren't competing with your own business I say go for it.

It is of course a very personal choice and I admit that sometimes it's nice to go to a website that doesn't have a million and one ads to deal with. However, I just think that if you can make money doing something that you should be doing for your business anyway you might as well take advantage. Especially if you are going to use that money to put towards more marketing for your home based business.

The one type of ad that I would steer clear of though is the pop up ad. Not only are those incredibly annoying but they can really mess with the effectiveness of your blog. Many people avoid sites that have pop us like the plague and you want to encourage people to come back to your blog not keep them away.

If you do choose to put ads on your blog find out the best way to control the ads that are going up there. And also make sure that you have spaces set out for advertisements and that they aren't going to distract people from the content of your blog.

Thank you for reading! I enjoy working from my computer and would love to share more information with you please take a moment to review my website!
Dan Himes
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0 How to Use Voicemail Broadcasting to Increase Traffic to Your Website By Theresa Johnson

The Truth

Be honest, you don't actually believe that the top earner in your business is building a huge team by calling family and friends to join their business?

So, how are they able to add hundreds of people to their organization daily or weekly virtually on autopilot?

Many of you have put an honest effort into growing your online or offline business but have not reaped the rewards of success.

You may even ask yourself at some point "what are the top gurus in network marketing doing to grow huge teams".

There is one thing that I know for certain many top income earners are doing that may come as a surprise to you. This information was made public a few months ago to me while on a training call with a well known Internet Marketer. I can tell you when he said this I almost fell out of my chair.

The one thing most "gurus" in network marketing are doing to grow huge team is buying voicemail broadcasting.

There it is...right there for you in black and white.

The purpose of this article is to review voicemail broadcasting and how it can increase traffic to your website and result in thousands of dollars in sales to your business virtually within minutes.

Voicemail Broadcasting Explained

Voicemail Broadcasting is by far the most effective, easy-to-use and cost effective lead generation tool you can use to grow your business!

Voicemail broadcasting allows you to deposit thousands of 30-45 second message regarding your business, product or service into your prospects voicemail.

Simply record a 30-45 second voicemail which entices your prospects to want to learn more about your business. Your prospect has the option of either pressing #1 to receive more information on your product or they can press #2 to be removed and added to your Do Not Call List.

There are typically two types of messages recorded. A live message would be for a prospect who answers the telephone. This message would typically instruct the caller to press the number one to be transfer to a live operator. A machine message would give the call a bit more information and may include the company website.

Once the message is recorded you will then upload a list of telephone leads into your selected system and press send. It really is that simple.

What Should You Look For In A Voice Broadcasting System?

Voicemail broadcasting has been a service used by large companies and individuals with deep pockets. Companies were paying thousands of dollars for equipment to launch your campaign. Even today there are services that will charge you thousands of dollars for access to their system and .15-.20 cents per connected call. For many marketers this is simply too expensive.

Many voicemail broadcasting systems come with free MLM and/or Business to Business leads; however, I recommend purchasing premium leads and uploading them into the system.

When researching voicemail broadcasting systems to use you want to review the following checklist to ensure your service is cost effective:

• Month to month membership. No contracts!
• Record messages directly in your back office
• You can choose to hire a professional speaker to record for you
• Included pre-recorded phone scripts that you can simply upload into your system
• Provides videos trainings and webinars to help get you started quickly
• High Tech "Easy-To-Use" Web Interface to manage your campaigns
• Web and email support
• Full "real-time" call reporting to keep track of how your campaigns are doing
• Test calls to check your messages before you send them out
• Checks your imported lists against the Do Not Call List (DNC)
• Use of the cell phone list blocker
• Caller ID function
• List Upload Function
• Easy Campaign Management
• Send blasts you out at pre-designated work schedule by hour and day
• You select the number of phone lines used
• Wholesale pricing on phone broadcast time. 1.8 cents per call would be ideal.
• Free Access to millions of genealogy and business opportunity phone numbers
• Ability to use your own lists
• Premium business opportunity survey leads at below wholesale

What Time Is The Right Time To Call A Prospect?

Pay attention to your prospects time zone. You don't want to call prospects too early in the morning or too late at night. 9am - 5pm would be considered a decent time to contact prospects.

How To Handle Negative Caller or Message

You will get individuals who prefer not to receive calls. If you set up a voicemail, it can also serve as a sorter to give your prospects more information about your business, product or service. Individuals who do not want to receive your message will either press 2 or leave you a message informing you to remove them from your list. If you should receive a live call from a prospect requesting to be removed from your list simply be polite and let the individual know that you will add them immediately. Make sure to write down the prospects telephone number and add them to the Do Not Call List if one is provided by your voicemail broadcasting service. Another suggestion would be to hire a telephone answer service to be used as a buffer. You can set up your voicemail broadcast to transfer calls to a live operator (answering service). The answering service can then transfer only qualified prospects to you who are interested in hearing more about your business, product or service.

All types of businesses use voicemail broadcasting and can be an essential tool in helping you develop prospects, customers or leads for your business. I have received recorded calls from other online marketers, politicians, doctor's office to remind me of an appointment and auto dealerships. Adding a voicemail broadcasting system to your marketing arsenal will help you take your business to the next level.

Theresa Johnson is a savvy internet marketing who seeks cost effective ways to promote online businesses. A former Career Advisor for a private college, Theresa is now a full time professional mentor to home based business owners and teaches individuals how to earn thousands of dollars daily using passive income sources. For more information on voice broadcasting check out her latest blog at
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